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Reimagine possibilities of storytelling within brand website


Lead UX


20192 MonthsPart-timeOgilvy Sydney


UI Implementation Stakeholder interviews. Design system creation. Protoyping. Account Management

The Challenge

Uncle Tobys digital experience was outdated, and not inline with a new brand promise to be rolled out. They wanted to be able to integrate product and lifestyle content into a very stylised modern looking site. The idea of being able to tell the brand story while scrolling through various categories of the brand was important. The deeper a user dives the more they immerse themselves in everything that the product represents and offers.

The Solution

Borrowing from many hero single pager’ sites, I built out a custom community based framework with animated story sectioning to engage users and help Uncle Toby tell their story. Content ranges from Recipe to awards and galleries. The outcome was a highly animated engaging website, that allowed for future strategy changes, by allowing for super flexible module use. The initial UX concept went to launch without so much as a layout change. The client was very pleased.

Here is the desktop homepage wireframe. Notice the various storytelling elements as you scroll down.
The live version is almost section for section perfectly matched to the wireframe.