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Waste Quote Calculator Booking system App


Implement quoting system in existing app to ease sales process


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201612 MonthsDirect to client


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The Challenges

Suez was experiencing difficulty in their sales process, whereby sales staff would take down the details of a potential customer's waste management needs, but due to the complex nature, was finding that items were missed or not calculated properly. The analogue system of inputting into thier ERP second was leading to missed or errors being inputted, while also delaying the time taken to get back to the customer. In essence, it wasn't fast enough.

Adding to this pain was the complex nature of waste; there were different streams that could only be managed by different truck types, and then these streams and trucks had different disposal prices and gate prices, while there was also distance to gate prices for some types and not others. The challenge was to streamline this data into a quoting and costing system that was simple and easy to use, while also being able to do onsite in the customers facility.

The Solution

To help their sales team quote from their complex waste pricing silos a basic algorithm was created - WASTE TYPE x KMS x GATE PRICE x WEIGHT x FREQ x OPTIONAL LOCATIONS and an equally impressive Database for API queries was made where there was over 1225,000 various search outcomes. Using a similar process as an eCommerce shopping cart, users could add or remove the waste types for quoting on simply.

The user is asked to select a truck type, bin size and frequency of pick up was key, but also allowing for volume sizes as an alternative to measuring the cost of the waste. At the end of the user journey, the full quote is provided in a single scrollable screen, from which both the prospective client and sales person can share and discuss. The quote is added to their CRM for further follow ups.

The above screens are the stages stepped through to build a quote.