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CRM & WMS Storage Booking Managment System


Redesign CRM and WMS into SAAS from CD-ROM


Lead UX / UIProduct designAccount Management


20187 MonthsPart-timeDirect to client


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The Challenges

Storman was an industry leading CRM and Warehouse management platform for booking self storage space. However they were only CD-ROM based. In an executive decision to move to the cloud and become a SAAS platform they decided that a complete overhaul of the system map and user experience was in order to increase user love for the product while helping to drive sales and reviews.

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The Solution

The overhaul took 6 months, 100’s of user journeys, and just as many screen designs. The system was more CRM and daily management combined, with everything from Sales, Daily Staff Tasks, Reporting, and Check-outs. There were multiple functional-workshops and various client-feedback-loops to ensure we weren’t simply redesigning the 90’s tech but making sure users got the value-add they wanted. All part of the process in order to cement the software as a market leader for the next 20 years.

The original and highly successful CD-ROM version.

Multiple x Existing system analysis

44x Design Sprints

122x Final GUIs

3x Prototypes

CD-ROM based CRM search lightbox.
The new SAAS based CRM filtered search.
The intelligence dashboard heavily comparing data to give an performance snapshot.