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MyGarage Car Tool kit and managment system


Imagine possibilities within CarPortal


Product Design


20203 MonthsPart-timeOrchard Sydney


System MapWireframeProduct analysisInteractive Prototype

1x UX audit

45x Wireframe page templates

12x Client workshops

4x Prototypes

The Challenges

MyHyundai was an outdated platform that saw low usage from customers. The challenge was to create a platform that customers valued, and consistently returned to, with the ultimate business goal being a place where Hyundai could garner feedback while strengthening repurchase rates of Hyundais. Enhancing the membership experience to emotional prime customers for their next purchase through the provision of tailored experience to their vehicles data was the goal.

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The Solution

After creative workshopping product inclusions, we prioritised items into quick wins, heaviest development, and best returns. This allowed us to focus on providing solution categories that the client could work with. Each was simplified into wireframe clickable prototypes for previewing. Each option was also summarised into a report for key stakeholders.

Exploring notifications was part of various product sprints and brainstorming sessions.
Above it the full dashboard, which invited users into new areas on scroll.
The 'Car Item Page' was designed with stickiness in mind, with real-time data being leveraged as one of many ways to drive repeat usage.