Chris Cotton UX | Daikin



Airconditioning ControlsTouchscreen Remote


Design first ever full colour touchscreen control for company


Lead UX / UIProduct designAccount Management


20206 MonthsDirect to client


Stakeholder interviews.Design system creation.Interactive PrototypesAccount ManagementCosting

3x Concepts

2x Design Presentations

143x Total GUIs

3x Prototypes

The Challenge

Industry leading Airconditioning manufacturer, Daikin wanted to move from the classic button style remote control to a touchscreen interactive device. This meant migrating existing button functionality to that of touchscreen interactions where data could drive the look and feel. As a first for the company the challenge lived in creating a new product that utilised existing consumer knowledge around climate control in existing devices.

The Solution

After multiple prototypes one version; the more creative, was chosen to be built into a product role prototype for wider acceptance testing. This process is still ongoing, so will have more information once complete.