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Stakeholder interviews.System Map (IA) UI Implementation Interactive Wireframe. User interview testing

The Challenges

The NSW government Industrial Relations website required updating to bring into line with all new Gov assets usability best practice and accessibility guidelines. The challenge was to thoroughly audit all existing website content with the intention of editing and consolidating the content into an optimised IA structure. The result of this activity would be improved content, a more seamless IA experience and less effort/cost required in content entry due to the consolidation of content. i.e Content migration of 270 pages across the two sites may be reduced significantly by reducing the number of pages in the new site. This content audit/edit work would require availability of the Client subject matter experts for interviewing and design workshop meetings. Not only that but proper testing and feedback reviews from community stakeholders of all IA (Information Architecture) to be implemented was required prior to roll-out.

Creating an IA that bunched related information that was contextual to the journey of the user was our core focus.

The Solution

Deconstructing a Government portal that was built in the mid 2000’s, to bring it inline with modern web design principals was quite straightforward. The site Information Architecture needed a complete overhaul to follow user-first principals from organisation outward facing taxonomy; IE the navigation was broken down into easy to follow customer segments, so it was easier to find information suited to them. New page templates and modules were developed for areas around helping users such as; ‘Quick related help’, ‘Related Information & Industries’. The system plan was categorised into units of new, existing and to-be-developed. The outcome was an overly pleased Government department, that had a layout that was highly functional, with an information schema that was re-envisioned to help the internal site managers and staff be able to create content that was cleaner and more easily accessible to the public they were looking to help.

The original site was sprawling madnessof added items with little user strategy.

2x user group interviews

1x complete new IA

27x new templates

16x hours of user testing

Building a responsive site meant that content needed to be 'Adaptive' to mobile. Here are expaned left panel areas sitting above page content'.
Clear architecture around 'Award codes' and related 'legal documentation (PDFs) made it easy for the user to find relavent Industrial laws.
We built the site in drupal using a modular headless CMS framework. Above are some of the modules that were outputted.