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20192 MonthsOgilvy Sydney


Techincal recommendationsUI Implementation Protoyping.

The Challenge

Leading fast food retailer KFC had recently migrated its typical over the counter menu to online, but was facing usability problems due to the complex nature of meal packages and upsells.

The Solution

Over the course of a few weeks in group design sessions with product experts we were able to analyse and synthesize the various menu options in clear user journeys that were aided by a various front end technologies.

The outcomes were prototyped into clickable guis and tested among stakeholders to ensure all ordering options were covered, and easily managed by users. This meant that users could choose different Fries, and flavouring types to different cooked Chicken in various family or group sized boxes. It was no simple process, but after the update the order and checkout process was much more streamlined and far more user friendly.

12x Photoshop files

12x User journey's

95+ GUIs

14x Client design workshops

User types were based on pick up type.
Different payment types was just differnt online payments.
Upon order confirmation a having a promo box kept uses in the KFC flow.
Even at the checkout, the option was given to upsell.