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Find clear UX within IBM modular system for easy product dissemination.


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20192 MonthsOgilvy Sydney


UI Implementation Stakeholder interviews. Design system creation. Protoyping. Account Management

The Challenges

Utilising IBMs website structure, I was part of a broader team that developed basic modules to house content, brand and user journeys into a website microsite that helped IBM target CIOs of large corporations, educationing in the process, with the ultimate goal of generating leads. There were 5 stages of cyber security under a single entry, that could be customised to customer needs. Each had their own array of How-Tos and blogs by experts. The real challenge came in creating modules that were accepted by IBMs drupal team.

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The Solution

A user journey sitemap of the proposed lead goals, and the small but important steps to achieve this was created. The journey was designed to drive demand so that people could connect with Cyber Security experts to understand various issues and processes to enhance an organisation's Cyber Security. Templates based on their existing module framework and the new user journey were quickly mocked and turned into a clickable prototype to be tested and developed. The new microsite for IBMs Cyber Security arm came together relatively seamlessly.

Information architecture showing green diamonds representing lead generation touch points.
A number of versions product template pages were created to test the hiearchy.
This was treated as a Mobile first project, so desktopw as created after mobile.