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Enhance cross pollination of user flow into other products and services


Lead UX / UIProduct design


20174 MonthsFull Time ContractMelbourne HQ


UX reviewsStakeholder interviews. Design team meetings UI Frontend Design. Interactive Prototype.

The Challenges

Australia Posts' most visited page, the 'Search Tracking Code Page', was a valuable commodity receiving millions of users every week. Yet despite this, the page had been undervalued leaving users with a dead end journey, where the UX provided no options once they had found their tracked product. A dedicated strategy was employed to look at ways to add real value to customer experience and capitalise on this highly popular page by providing product information that related to their order or account. It was my role to explore the options of what layouts work, and what type of products users would be interested in exploring more.

The finished user dashboard (now live)

The Solution

After many series of design sprints, design meetings and business stakeholder interviews a concept was chosen for initial A/B testing development. The new concept was one that shared many of the organisations business services and products, allowing simple onboarding, or purchasing. They included reminder notifications for increased return usage.

The UX review of the existing tracking screen

1x UX reviews

1x Product strategy

15x Design sprints

4x Prototypes

The finalised tracking results screen